• Testimonials

    Alex, New Jersey
    I have been working with ILB since 2004. What impresses me most about ILB is their uncanny ability to identify a case’s path to success early on. They are highly skilled professionals, and I really appreciate their level of honesty. If a case does not stand a chance, they will let you know. We recently needed additional coverage on an 86-year-old man in standard health. He had a $76.5 million net worth with $46 million in place. While other GA’s were unable to secure additional coverage citing “capacity issues,” ILB identified an additional $23 million of coverage through a combination of top-rated carriers. More importantly, they secured preferred offers with each.

    Don, New Jersey
    ILB is exceptional because of their hands-on approach. While many GA’s simply submit applicants’ medical records to carriers with minimal review, at ILB they take their time to go over them, requesting and submitting narratives from doctors whenever possible and applicable. Their personal attention has made the difference in many cases and, in my opinion, has been critical to securing coverage for some of our most challenging cases. In more than eight years, ILB has come through for me in securing multimillion dollar coverages for applicants who are in their late 80s. I am impressed by their honesty, integrity and responsiveness.

    Neil, New York
    For me, ILB means impeccable service, quick response and great underwriting. Bottom line, they get things done and, as an agent, that’s what matters to me the most. Their in-depth knowledge of different insurance carriers and their ability to come through with the right underwriting offers have made all the difference in placing some of my high-profile cases in the three years that I have worked with them. There are many names in this business, but for my money and time, I can’t do better than ILB.

    Arthur, New Jersey
    At ILB, they are thorough and meticulous, which can make a big difference in cutting down review time by carriers. Their relations with quality carriers are second to none. Maybe that’s why they are so successful at getting every case that they handle for us issued. For the more challenging cases, they really step up. With ILB, we feel supported by a knowledgeable staff that can provide us with quality support seven days a week and, often, with same-day application processing. Our association with ILB in the past years has yielded many successes and, for my business, many satisfied policyholders.

    Bruce, New York
    For more than 10 years, ILB has impressed me as consummate professionals. They give each case their utmost personal attention, handling it as if it were their own. No request is ever too small, no detail too trivial. This is why ILB gets outstanding results for all their clients. With their extensive knowledge of our industry, ILB brings to the table its expertise from medical and financial perspectives. And to top it off, Dan is a tireless negotiator; I trust him to come through with all the carriers that we want to work with.